The Inspired Strings Approach puts creating, improvising and composing at the heart of  strings teaching. 

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Inspired Strings Approach is founded by Rachel Turner Houk. Trained as a professional cellist and a certified music educator in California and Michigan, Rachel combines her unique background in performance and music education to support music educators.  

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Currently offering two online courses: 

- An Introduction to

The Inspired Strings Approach

- Cello Two Octave Scales

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"As a classically trained violinist and teacher, improvisation is not something I was ever taught, and because of that I have felt hamstrung trying to teach this fun and important skill to my own students. In this course, Rachel lays out a blueprint for how to introduce creating music from the earliest stages of a student's studies in a way that is clear and to the point. I came away feeling empowered to start using these techniques with my own students, even though I am not an improviser myself. I think this course is amazing. Highly, highly recommended!"


E Benim Mayland - Violinist @ Hamilton on Broadway, Private violin and viola teacher 

"Rachel is an amazing teacher! I’d recommend her any day and every day"

S Dean 

"The Inspired Strings Approach is an extremely practical and enjoyable professional development. The online course lays out many resources for engaging and enabling students to create their own music in many different ways. The course outlines resources for both in the classroom as well as remote learning. If you are a string teacher looking for ways to get your kids creating their own music in the classroom, this course is for you!"

K Rhode - Introduction to the Inspired Strings Approach Course Participant, Elementary Orchestra teacher, MI